01.What is Get Involved?

Get Involved is a youth-led think tank which aims to promote economic education and to highlight contemporary economic issues with an interdisciplinary approach using contemporary educational methods. The 1st Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank, unique in Europe, was the first event it organized in December 2017. This annual conference continues to be its main event. Since the 1st conference, Get involved has organized a series of events such as scientific seminars in Athens and Thessaloniki, career days as well as the publication of an e-scientific journal.

02.Who is the target group of Get Involved?

The events of Get Involved address university students of any level with a background in economics, law and international and European studies. Α wide range of participation, both in terms of age and scientific background is aimed. Students from 25 universities, 54 departments and 16 cities/towns in Greece and abroad have taken part in the events of Get Involved.

03.What are the benefits of taking part in the Simulation Conference of the ECB?

The Simulation Conference of European Central Bank is the most important event at a student level which combines the economic and legal sciences so as to highlight the contemporary economic issues and the importance of monetary policy in our everyday lives. Through Double Delegation, the participants learn to cooperate with people of different scientific backgrounds. Furthermore, the possibility of networking among the most active university students is given.
The Simulation Conference has been supported by the Bank of Greece since 2019. For more information, please click

04.Do you need specialized knowledge to participate in the Simulation Conference of the ECB?

The lack of specialized knowledge should not be a deterrent for the participation in the Simulation Conference of the ECB as the organizing team provides the participants, within a reasonable time period, Study Guides on the issues on the agenda of the conference. Upon receipt of the study guides, the pre-conference period starts during which the organizing committee via personal or group calls informs the participants about the procedures to be followed. Finally, the organizing team of the conference gets in touch with all the participants so as to assist them with whatever they may need.

05.What is the participation procedure?

During the application period, the applicants are asked to complete some information on the application form, to attach their CV and to write a motivation letter in which they mention the reasons why they want to participate in the Simulation Conference of the ECB. When the deadline for the applications expires, the organizing team assesses the applications and chooses a specific number of students. These students are asked to confirm their participation within a reasonable time. Following their confirmation, the participants receive the Study Guides and useful information about the procedures of the conference.

06.What is Polymnia?

That is why, Polymnia is an interactive platform in which each user creates his/her personal profile, connects/links it to his/her social media, posts material and has access to the study guides listed by the organizational committee. Furthermore, the possibility of communication with all the participants is ensured and the possibility of making video calls as well as that of processing documents in real time are integrated.

07.What is the Future Economic Lab Journal?

Future Economic Lab is the scientific e-journal of Get Involved. In summary, it aims to link scientific research with the market, to promote economic literacy and inform about contemporary economic and other issues. It is a platform where university students of all levels can publish their scientific articles. These articles should follow certain instructions that are laid out by our scientific team and can be written either in Greek or in English. There are no restrictions as far as the topics are concerned as long as they are related to economics. The articles sent are checked by our scientific team to ensure the quality and if approved, they are published with no delay.

08.Who can participate in the Future Economic Lab Journal?

University students from all levels can participate regardless of their academic background or relation to Get Involved. The only prerequisites for submitting your article are its relevance to economics and its compatibility with the instructions laid out in the Guide for Authors tab. Moreover, the Future Economic Lab team is happy to contribute to the writing of scientific articles by providing advice and answering queries.

09.Who composes the Get Involved Associates Team?

The aim of Get Involved is the interaction of active university students of all levels and of different backgrounds. That is why, since its foundation, Get Involved has sought to create a team that is composed of active students who are willing to contribute and to evolve as individuals as well as professionals. In addition, the Get Involved goal is, through our partners, to be represented in the most important universities of Greece. That is why, in regular intervals, we open applications to find students interested in joining our team.