To facilitate the better preparation of the participants, the Get Involved team provides thorough study material. The key document is the Conference Study Guide, but more documents are prepared and sent to the participants. Preparation calls for each examined topic are scheduled within the preparation period. Also, the participants are able to communicate with the Scientific Team of Get Involved during that period to ask questions and clarifications the material. The main study material is:


Study Guide: The key preparation document of the Conference, in which the examined topics of each Conference are developed and explained. Its objective is to analyze with an interdisciplinary approach the examined topics that will be discussed during the Conference by the participants. It is developed by the Scientific Team of Get Involved.

Agenda: It is the basis of the discussions and debates that take place within the Conference committees. The Agenda includes the proposed Articles that dictate the discussions of the Conference. The participants have to modify and develop these Articles, as well as vote for them. These Articles are the proposals of the Executive Board of the Conference on the issues of the Euro Area but are open to improvement by the participants. For a better understanding of the Agenda, a preparation call dedicated to it is scheduled within the preparation period.

Rules of Procedure: Include the rules as well as the procedure of the committees’ modus operandi. In the Rules of Procedure, the participants’ and organizing team’s responsibilities and rights are explained in detail. Responsible for the smooth conduct of the committees’ procedures are each committee’s Procedure Heads.

Economic Definitions Index: Supplementary study material that has been developed by the Scientific Team of Get Involved with the objective to inform and explain a significant number of fundamental economic terms and information.