The Polymnia platform was developed by Get Involved and aims to maximize the conference experience. It was launched in 2020 -during the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic when the need for distant learning was of paramount importance- and is a one-stop platform, in which the overall documents and information needed for the Conference are published.
Polymnia is part of the digital transformation of the Conference procedures and contributes to increasing the interactivity between the participants. With Polymnia, the participants are able to create their personal accounts, have access to the Conference documents, communicate with other participants, as well as the Organizing Team, and be informed on the Conference developments. Polymnia users are the participants, the Staff Teams, and the Conference Organizing Team.


More specifically, some of the functionalities that are available thanks to Polymnia:

Networking: The users can connect their Polymnia account with their social media accounts, as well as share information about themselves. From the beginning, they are able to find and communicate with other participants that share similar interests and backgrounds. To simplify it, Polymnia is an internal social media for the purposes of the Conference.

Preparation Material: All the preparation material for the Conference is uploaded to Polymnia, in order for the users to always have access to it easily. Moreover, the participants can upload documents, which can be private (for example, notes) or share them with other users (for example, proposals).

Private & Group Messaging: Polymnia offers the functionality to communicate with messages, both at private and group levels. This way, the participants can communicate regularly during the preparation period as well as during the conference procedures.

Live Updates: The Get Involved team informs directly the participants of the ECB Simulation Conference developments through Polymnia. Moreover, using the platform the Organizing Team can schedule preparation video calls and directly communicate with the participants.

To connect to Polymnia please click here.

To read the User Guide of Polymnia (in Greek) please press here.