Our Initiatives

ECB Simulation Conference

The Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank, the fist in European level, is the main initiative of Get Involved and is held on a yearly base. It is the only conference, in Greece, that aspires to educate university students of economic, legal and international studies backgrounds on the contemporary economic issues as well as the impact of the monetary policy to the everyday life. The participants take place of Central Bankers and of Legal Consultants representing a country-member of the Euro Area. In 2020, the Conference participated in the ECB Strategy Review program (to see the overall events of the program click here).

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Get Involved Intelligence

Get Involved in order to achieve its goals -economic literacy, interdisciplinarity and educating university students- has developed a set of initiatives focused on presenting in a simple and comprehensive way the most important facts and data in many sectors. Get Involved Intelligence is the common space in presenting the following three initiatives, namely: the Synopsis of the Economic Bulleting, the ESG Insights and the Infographics Projects.

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Get Involved Events

The aspiration for approaching the contemporary economic issues with interdisciplinarity is a fundamental goal for Get Involved. For this reason, Get Involved team organizes a number of events for the holistic presentation of these issues using scientific seminars and workshops, with the participation of distinguished academics, institutional representatives as well as acclaimed professionals. Get Involved has hosted scientific seminars in Athens, Thessalonica and virtually.

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In-House Reports

Get Involved Team, in 2020, decided the creation and publishing of the findings of its scientific initiatives to highlight their importance and to promote the views and proposals of the participants. The strengthening of the ideas of the most active university students is a fundamental objective for Get Involved.

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