8th Simulation Conference of the ECB

The 8th ECB Simulation Conference for university students, the only one of its kind at the pan-European level, will return to Athens from November 29 to December 2, 2024. One of the most important interdisciplinary initiatives in Greece, the ECB Simulation Conference welcomes university students and graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds, primarily economics, law, and international studies.

The Conference has been supported by a number of organizations, including the Bank of Greece, the Hellenic Bank Association, the M.Sc. International Negotiations program at the Athens University of Economics and Business, the National Bank of Greece, and Alpha Bank. In 2020, the conference findings were included in the first revision of the ECB strategy in 18 years through the ECB Listens program. Since 2021, the ECB has been represented in the conference proceedings. In 2022, the Central Bank of Croatia was represented through its Governor Mr. Boris Vujčić. In 2023, a keynote speech was delivered by the Minister of National Economy and Finance, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, at the Training Day of the Conference.

Feedback from the Previous Conference:

At the conclusion of the Conference, the participants were able to assess its structure and procedures and communicate their insights with the organizing team:

  • 95.71% of the participants assessed that the Conference largely met their expectations.
  • 88.57% of the participants believed that the Study Material, which was sent to them in advance, significantly facilitated their preparation.
  • 94.29% of the participants claimed that the workings of the Training Day increased their scientific knowledge.
  • 88.57% of the participants evaluated that the examined topics largely met their expectations.
  • 97.14% of the participants believed that initiatives such as the Conference promote the role and workings of the ECB.
  • 92.85% of the participants acknowledged that the Conference significantly increased their scientific knowledge of the examined topics.