Getting to know Get Involved

Get Involved is an initiative promoted by students for the development of economic literacy in an interdisciplinary level through the use of contemporary and hands-on educational methods. The promotion of Lifelong Learning is our main goal. To realize the aforementioned, Get Involved has organized a series of events and has entered into partnerships with the view to educating students at all levels on current economic issues.

Get Involved Initiatives:


The main project of Get Involved is the Simulation Conference of the European Central Bank, the first such conference in Europe. It is the only student conference whose aim is to educate students studying Economics, Law and European studies on current economic issues and the significance of monetary policy in our daily lives. Since 2020, Get Involved has participated in the ECB Strategy Review program. For further information, regarding the Simulation Conference please click here.

Get Involved publishes the Future Economic Lab Journal [FuELJ], which aims  to fill the gap between scientific research and the market’s research needs and serves as a bridge for their co-integration. With FuELJ university students, regardless of their academic level, have the opportunity to develop their skills in carrying out research and composing scientific articles on diverse issues of economic science. For more about the Future Economic Lab Journal, please click here.

Get Involved has organized various scientific seminars in Athens, Thessalonica and online. The aim of the scientific seminars is the promotion of an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary economic issues as well as the presentation of the wide range they encompass. For this reason, in Get Involved scientific seminars, there are representatives of the academia, market representatives and institutions. For further information, regarding the Get Involved Events, please press here.

Within the framework of the extraordinary circumstances brought about due to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic, Get Involved has been investing in the digital transformation of experiential learning by setting up the Polymnia platform. Polymnia was developed to host online events, and its aim is the maximization of the user experience of each event. To learn more about the Polymnia platform, please press here.

Get Involved Partnerships:


Since its foundation, Get Involved, has been focusing on creating and developing strategic partnerships to achieve the continuous improvement of the added value of its initiatives. These partnerships guarantee the value of Get Involved initiatives and ensure the fulfilment of its ambition.

Get Involved is advised by its Advisory Board, which consists of distinguished academics and professionals, for its set of initiatives. Also, Get Involved is academically recognised by the faculty of Banking and Finance Management of University of Piraeus and is supported by the Bank of Greece. To view the members of the Get Involved Advisory Board, please click here.

The Get Involved team consists of 19 members of diverse academic background as well as age, combining scientific competence, an appetite for innovation and an interdisciplinary approach to economic issues. A parallel goal of the Get Involved Team is the physical representation of Get Involved in the most prominent Universities across Greece.

To view the members of the Get Involved Team, please click here.