To participate in the ECB Simulation Conference the applicants have to follow a specific process due to the limited availability. The following four stages have been developed:

First Stage: Each applicant has to submit the Application Form filling in all the necessary fields and uploading her/his CV. It should be noted that the Organizing Team, besides the skills and experience that are stated in the applicants’ CVs, gives emphasis to their motivational letters where they describe their reasons for applying to the Conference. After submitting the Application Form, a copy of the application form is sent to the applicant’s mail.

Second Stage: Each application is evaluated by the scientific and organizing team. All the applicants are informed of the progress of their applications. There are three possible answers:

  • Approval of the application: in this case, specific information on the Conference and its procedures will be included in the mail. A period of 5 working days is given to deposit the necessary fee which is required to confirm the applicant’s participation. If the applicant fails to do so, a substitute takes his/her place.
  • Being shortlisted in the substitution list: The substitutes are candidates that -in case of openings- will be given the chance to participate in the Conference.
  • The third and last possible option is to reject the application form.

Third Stage: Upon receipt of the participation fee, the participant is given the specific information and files of the Conference, such as the schedule of the Preparation Period, the contact information of the organizing tea, and other Conference material. This stage is completed when the majority of the applicants have confirmed their participation, whereupon the committees can be set up.

Fourth Stage: With the finalization of the Conference’s committee composition, each participant receives information on the nation she/he will represent, the committee she/he will participate and her/his co-representative for the procedures of the Conference in addition to the total preparation material (study materials, Agenda, Data Tables, etc.).

Upon completion of the fourth stage, the Preparation Period for the Conference is officially launched.