ESG Insights – March Issue

Issue 5, March 2022 – “The Sustainability Project

Issue 5 of the ESG Insights initiative contains some of the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem across the Greek and international spectrum that took place in February 2022. In this month’s issue, supranational and corporate developments aiming to achieve a more sustainable future are examined. Fourteen unique topics from the international and domestic arena are covered, ranging from the recognition of climate risk as financial liability from the European market’s regulator [ESMA] to the creation of EcoBeautyScore Consortium composing thirty-six cosmetics and personal-care companies.


Some key developments included in the March Issue are the admission of Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy as “green” (under strict conditions) by the European Commission, Morningstar’s decision to remove more than 1,200 firms from its European sustainable investment list, the announcement of the 31 Most Sustainable Companies in Greece for 2022 by Quality Net Foundation and the inclusion of Ellaktor on the Clean200 global list.

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