ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness

Issue 2, December 2021 – “A Zero Emissions Marathon “

The second issue of the ESG Insights initiative contains the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem in Greece and abroad, which occurred in November 2021. In this issue, the institutional and corporate developments which aspire to achieve an environmentally sustainable economy and society are examined. The COP26 agreement renewed the commitments of green transitioning and the “phasing down” of coal and fossil fuel. During the past month, supranational bodies as well multinational corporations took bold moves in order to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives.
Some key developments of the December Issue include the results of the COP26 conference, research publication from ECB on the preparedness of banks to manage environmental risks as well as the introduction of a further 14 companies to the ATHEX ESG index. It covers 13 unique topics from the international and domestic arena, ranging from decisions of supranational bodies, governments and multinational corporations.
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