ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness – Issue 1 November

Get Involved, in collaboration with Velos Advisory, a strategic corporate advisory boutique specialising in delivering high-level corporate governance advisory, transactional execution and communications support, are launching a new initiative called ESG Insights: Impactful Awareness.

This initiative will report, on a monthly basis, on the most noteworthy developments on ESG issues and practices. Each issue will provide brief overviews of the most important ESG developments that have taken place domestically and internationally in the past month. Its aim is to promote ESG awareness in the Greek market.

ESG is emerging as a decisive parameter. ESG issues are now affecting governments, firms of all sizes, investors and societies. In the past few years, various significant developments that have occurred in the ESG spectrum, such as Agenda 2030, the European Green Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement, highlight the importance of taking into consideration ESG parameters in overall decision making.


 Issue 1, November 2021 – “Net Zero economy”

The first issue contains the most noteworthy developments in the ESG ecosystem in Greece and abroad, which occurred in October. In this issue, the institutional and corporate developments, which aspire to achieve an environmentally sustainable economy and society, are examined. Moreover, to achieve the above-mentioned goal, the establishment of standardised and strict rules and the better monitoring of its course, are much needed.

Some key developments of the November Issue include, the announced advancements in the United Kingdom the achievement of a green financial sector, the offering of the biggest Green Bond by the European Union and the aim of the Greek Government to become the European entry point for cheap renewable energy from the Middle East nations are examined.

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