Economic Definitions Index by Get Involved

Within the framework of our main objective, which is the spread and expansion of economic education, the Get Involved team has decided to prepare an Economic Definitions Index: “Simple and More Complicated Economics For All: The Index of Economic TERMS”.

Our aim is to highlight holistically a considerable number of economic terms in Greek and to contribute to their being understood by students of different backgrounds. The readers will have at their disposal a reliable and easily accessible source in the form of a free digital edition.

In the index, 69 economic terms are developed in 6 units. Besides the Get Involved team’s analysis, for the majority of the terms, numerous sources are cited for further study and comprehension.

The topics which are covered clarify General Terms, such as Gross Domestic Product, Public Debt, the Law of Demand and Supply, Fiscal Policy, for which a number of terms are cited to contribute to the better understanding of important economic terms such as the State Budget and the Fiscal Surplus, terms which are heard in the news daily and finally the Monetary Policy, which is responsible for the circulation of money and the funding of each and every economy. In addition, the different types of Markets and Securities are analyzed, where a better understanding of terms encountered in the banking system are as well as some of the most important Policies and Programs of the European Central Bank sought after. Finally, the broad category of Money and Exchange Currencies is explained and analyzed, where a series of terms such as the different types of Money, the exchange rates and their significance and cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, our ambition is for this index to be a contemporary invaluable tool for the better understanding of economic terms for all interested no matter their educational background.

To read the Economic Definition Index in Greek, please click here.

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